The Grandmother Movement - Oceania

Start an activist grandmother group---or join, support or network with an existing group! If you know of additional groups that should be listed, please contact us via email!


Find a Grandparent. This website matches seniors who don’t have grandchildren or who live far from their grandchildren---with families that would welcome having a volunteer, surrogate grandparent. Anyone over the age of 45 who is fit and active, loves young families and would enjoy the role, can register online.

Nyirrpi Grandmothers’ Women’s Health Program. Grandmothers and Aboriginal health workers in the Northern Territory collaborate to share knowledge about poor nutrition, diabetes, cancer and STD, which are prevalent in Aboriginal communities. The Grandmothers’ program started in Alice Springs in 1996 and is independent of “outsider” direction, but it can benefit from outsider support, encouragement and helpfulness.

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