The Grandmother Movement - Middle East

Start an activist grandmother group---or join, support or network with an existing group! If you know of additional groups that should be listed, please contact us via email! (Projects highlighted in yellow are featured in the book Grandmother Power.)


Machsom Watch. Jewish Israeli grandmothers, peace activists from all sectors of society, monitor the checkpoints through which Palestinians must commute, then report human rights abuse to the Knesset and the press, plus post daily reports on the Internet.


Freej. Four grandmothers star in Freej (which means “neighborhood” in Emirati Arabic), the most popular 3-D animated television show in Dubai. The show’s family-friendly, funny episodes describe the perilous balance between old and new Dubai as the quartet of grandmothers, who grew up when Dubai was a village, try to adjust to living in the contemporary metropolis. If you live in Dubai, you can book the grandmother characters to attend your charity event or your child’s party.

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