The Grandmother Movement - Latin America

Start an activist grandmother group---or join, support or network with an existing group! If you know of additional groups that should be listed, please contact us via email! (Projects highlighted in yellow are featured in the book Grandmother Power.)


Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo. For almost 40 years, these grandmothers whose grandchildren were abducted and raised by the people involved in the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983, have been searching for their lost family members. As of 2012, they had repatriated 105 grandchildren. There are an estimated 400 to go. Their search continues.

Storytelling Grandmothers. The Mempo Giardinelli Foundation launched the Storytelling Grandmother program to inspire youngsters to read and go to school. Today, there are 70 groups and 2000 grandmothers who visit schools and read to children, demonstrating that love of children and of reading improves literacy. The program has been adopted by Argentina’s Ministry of Education and copied by countries all over Latin America.


Child Protection Hotline is operated by grandmother volunteers for Plan Guatemala. They give advice and comfort to abused children in the Jalapa region, referring cases to hospitals, filing reports with the police, and teaching good parenting practices. If they had more financial support, they could convert the hotline to a toll-free service that would be more affordably accessible.


Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco is a nonprofit that perpetuates the knowledge of grandmother weavers who were, until recently, the only ones who remembered traditional patterns and practices. CTTC works with villagers in nine communities in the Altiplano, promoting and selling their work. They also offer tours of the weaving villages. The CTTC shop in Cusco includes a well-curated three-room museum.

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