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Grandmothers around the world are organizing to create a better future for grandchildren everywhere. Readers ask: “What can I do?”

The answer: show YOUR grandmother power: join a group, support a group, start a group and network with other groups! There are many ideas on this site to inspire you: groups headquartered in 30 countries. 

A note from Paola: The 17 groups featured in Grandmother Power are highlighted in yellow.

Asterisks indicate groups whose managements and activities I know well even though they are not featured in the book.

I do not know the other organizations listed although many sound interesting. To help you do due diligence, website links are included in each listing.  

A word of advice: if you want to support grandmothers caring for children orphaned by AIDS in Africa and cannot assess the stability, structure and management competence of the many groups listed below, just ally yourself with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, whose field staff vets its grantee groups carefully. 

If you know of an activist grandmother group that should be listed, please email me the details! (My e-dress is on the Contact Us page.)  

If you are interested in other women’s organizations not run by and for grandmothers, there are many listed in the Act Now! Section of my author website. 

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