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It's best to run at any time
Which is the best
morning run, afternoon run, and night run? In fact, it is the best to suit yourself. Only by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of running in each period can you choose the best running time for your running.

morning run

outdoor exercise should not be prematurely

advantages: make people full of
all day
shortcomings: increase the burden of heart and brain blood vessels, air quality is worrying

recommends: outdoor exercise should not be too early, do not eat breakfast before morning run

many people think that getting up in the morning helps to improve the metabolism and makes people full of energy and spirit all day. However, "the body is like a machine, it needs to be preheated before the operation, and the preheating is not enough to cause the parts to wear." Experts say morning exercise will increase the burden of heart and brain vessels, inadequate warm-up, and even the risk of joint injuries.

at the same time, there are many pollutants such as soot and benzene in the air. At the same time, with the high concentration of carbon dioxide, a lot of runners will cause damage to their health. Therefore, it is suggested that the outdoor exercise should not be premature, the fog weather and the poor air quality should not get up early. Do not eat breakfast before morning run, in order to prevent bowel and stomach discomfort.

night running

elderly people should choose to exercise
at night
advantages: good weight loss

shortcoming: easy to be exposed to wind and cold to invade

suggests a place where people have more candidates and plenty of light,
night run seems to be the best choice for students, white-collar workers and other people who have no time to exercise during the day. Less sweating, no tanning, and hormone in this time period of the most intense response to exercise, there is a better weight loss effect. It is important to note that the evening run is vulnerable to the wind and cold, so do not run in a large area such as the riverside river, so it is easy to catch cold. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the running site, to choose a lot of people and plenty of light, so as to ensure the safety of the person.

senior population exercise should also be selected at night, because at this time blood platelets decrease and the risk of blood vessel infarction is also greatly reduced. But do not choose to run as far as possible, but to Taiji, walking and so on more relaxed, slow rhythm of the movement, safe and comfortable.

Chinese business newspaper reporter He Qiuping collate

in the afternoon running

1.5 hours after meals
advantages: full body preheating

shortcomings: easy to influence dinner, cause indigestion or enteritis

recommends: do not exercise
1.5 hours before meals
after half a day's preheating, the human nerve, muscle and joint condition reached its peak in the afternoon near the evening, from 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock. At this time, exercise can minimize the probability of injury, plus outdoor.

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