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British shoe brand Silas and brand UBIQ is Japan's new shoe designer Junya Watanabe (Watanabe Jun mi) cooperation brand, through the Junya matchmaking three party is finally ready to launch a series of branded shoes. The introduction of Vibram aviation outsole has greatly improved the performance, while the contracted design style and excellent workmanship fully reflect the sincerity and philosophy of "one, one, new, two" footwear brands. Junya Watanabe was designed to work is not the other we disappointed, low-key but highly textured appearance collocation provides a convenient, shorts or trousers collocation roll-up style are satisfactory, the inside can meet people like details.
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Air Footscape Woven shoe design available with its asymmetric and unique weaving once detonated a new trend, then it is Teng Yuan Hao and Edison Chan get respected fashion people and become fashionable for a time. Climax technology production, unique materials to build, limit joint style, very little amount of sale, Air, Footscape, Woven quickly became the goal of many Sneaker collection, wearing matching the first choice.
, Nike, Air, Footscape, Woven, Chukka, Motion, leopard print, Nike, Air, Footscape, Woven, Chukka, Motion, zebra stripes
with Nike in recent years more and more attention to the use of science and technology, Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion Air Footscape Woven compared to before has been further improved in comfort, the outer bottom lines tend to Free design, cutting deeper, so that it not only improves the outsole flexibility also makes it better bending. Although it is called Chukka, the upper part of it does not give any sense of restraint to our feet. Soft cotton material has a certain extensibility, fits the ankle and is easy to wear and tear. Of course, the launch of the Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion, the most eye-catching is the personality, the appearance of the full sense of the trend, breakthrough the use of imitation horsehair materials, launched a leopard, zebra pattern. The tongue on the pull ring, the two shoes are marked "11K" and "190", which is the color of the number in Nike. Excellent texture, smooth material with unmatched fashion elements, Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion is definitely called a boutique, wet with the attention of the flow sector.

Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion will be on sale from July 25th; retail price RMB 1499.

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entered the winter, marathon popularity gradually cooling, runners have also entered the winter training period, training quality determines after the spring of happy achievement, believe that senior running friends are clear, good training this time make full use of Malaysia, PB to the next level completely be nothing difficult. Therefore, in training, it is not only necessary to gradually increase the intensity of training, but also to maintain physical fitness after training is also the key.

, but it is worth noting that in winter, the body function is relatively weak and slow recovery. How to maintain physical fitness, make the body recover fast and high quality, or even over recover in high intensity training?

first, the runner to know that in the overload training of high intensity, the various cells of the body will enter the repair stage, during this period, we need to give the body a buffer, until the body after repair, physical fitness will have obvious progress than before training, so as to complete the recovery.

is here. Xiaobian recommends that runners can recover quickly through muscle stretching, cross training, equipment assistance, diet, rest, relaxation and so on.

muscle stretching

muscle after continuous work running process has been in a state of contraction, when you stop, they have sustained contraction trend, so all parts are hard to touch. Stretching helps the muscles to relax, the circulation of the blood is more smooth, and the range of the joints in second days of exercise will not be limited. After stretching, you can try to lie on the bed and raise your legs so that the blood is refluxing quickly through gravity to help drain the acid.

cross training

cross training can help the recovery of physical damage, and can also reduce the risk of physical injury in the body. In the long and high intensity running training, it is difficult for the body to avoid the invasion of injury problems. Cross training before the problem can reduce the probability of physical injury, and increase cross training can enrich training mode and promote the efficiency of training. You can choose swimming, riding and so on. It can not only maintain the physical ability of the runners, but also help the body to recover better.

equipment assists

when running, the heart pulsate the blood to the body and transport energy to the body. The return of blood flow is a passive return in the vein. When running, the blood circulation will be accelerated because of muscle contraction, and the blood circulation will accelerate. When the body is relaxed, the vein will slow down and the blood circulation will slow down as the pressure becomes smaller. Wearing a compress can help to improve reflux efficiency and help to recover.

diet replenishment

is the best period to replenish nutrition during the recovery period after training. At this time, the energy of the body is in a state of large consumption, and its efficiency of absorbing nutrients is also twice higher than that of normal. Just after the run, the body is in a state of hunger and thirst, the energy is exhausted, the water is lost, and the salt is lost. These three things, as long as they are eaten, can almost be supplemented quickly.

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