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The design of Tinker Hatfield classic is not limited to Air Jordan shoes, also from the pen of Air Huarache by many favorite shoes. This time, the hot shoe ushered in the new design, new application of red leather collocation Black Neoprene constitute a shoe body, at the same time presented in white outsole, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 634835-602Price: nike-air-huarache-red-black-white-2.jpg (217.83 KB, download number: 10) download Nike Air Huarache University Red 2016-1-28 09:36 upload nike-air-huarache-red-black-white-3.jpg (244.74 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Air Huarache University Red 2016-1-28 09:36 upload nike-air-huarache-red-black-white-4.jpg (176.88 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Huarache University Red 2016-1-28 09:36 upload nike-air-huarache-red-black-white-1.jpg (189.86 KB, download number: 14) download Nike Air Huarache University Red 2016-1-28 09:36 upload nike-air-huarache-red-black-white.jpg (197.63 KB, download number: 15) download Nike Air Huarache University Red 2016-1-28 09:36 up Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping load nike-air-huara0 has a "shoe king" of the Dongguan Huang Yue Yuen factory for thousands of employees and 18 middle-level managers were dismissed storm behind logic, is gradually surfaced. On the surface, this is a series of pains caused by personnel changes and pay cuts, but the deeper reason is the Yu Yuan struggle for survival. compared with the economy 20 years ago, Yu Yuan goose "in Huang, time seems to reverse a stagnation. The same as OEM customers, the same price, but did not change under the surface, processing trade is facing the tragic reality. Yu Yuan OEM has a cost of red, a pair of shoes factory price of 20 dollars, 20 years ago, the price of $20 was a profit of around 2 yuan, 20 years later, an ordinary employee's salary rose more than 5 times, plus the management costs and the impact of RMB appreciation, Yu Yuan a pair of shoes cost more and more close to the red line of life and death. live! More low profit margin, the struggle for survival is the yuan again "take off", find the most suitable "soil" survival, and Yu Yuan struggle can dire Cheap air jordans for sale ctly affect the processing trade depends on the interests of the chain at the end of the job opportunity. A change of director of the two tragedies, either Yu Yuyuan, or in Windsor who, it is impossible to bear. Yu Yuan Dongguan sample is from the beginning of the last century in 60s, after by low cost in "Echelon" economic model lost development environment in Japan, began around the West Pacific circle, created four dragons of the economic miracle, and finally arrived in the mainland, Dongguan has thus ushered in the opportunity for more than 20 years. However, the result is a rise in the cost of gathering, this point has been proved in Japan, South Korea and Singapore and other countries and regions. Therefore, the interpretation of the plight of the "wild goose" meaning, also see the Dongguan economic change reminder and mobilization. comparative advantage is not decided the trend of inverse trend and launched a "rescue" measures, may save the enterprise for a period of time, "goose" economic delay can not change the warm boiled frog cruelty, Yu Yuan events s Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping how that change will come sooner or later, is sure to come. in fact, the crisis has another name called freshmen. Dongguan Yu Yuan from the event should be summed up Dongguan's unique development of old experience, one is the low cost is the most effective advertising investment. When the comprehensive factors in Dongguan costs in the high-end manufacturing and strategic emerging industries still have comparative advantages, the development of Dongguan will still continue; second is the localization of allocation of talents is very important. Dongguan will increase the labor cost advantage to human resources management advantage, cultural advantage and innovation advantage, to the competitiveness of Dongguan to the high quality human resources)adidas Originals last month exposed the brand new publicity film "Original is never finished" (original), our website has also made a detailed introduction for you. Today, the Grammy coincides with the fifty-ninth awards, Adidas Originals and Snoop Dogg, Desiigner and MadeinTYO a promo last re interpretation, showing two short fi cheap foamposites lms and two film before different feeling. Perhaps taking into account the position of Snoop Dogg in rap or is of noble character and high prestige with the two generation of rappers style does not take Snoop Dogg is solely responsible for a while the other two are together in another department, three people in all its rap skill, interested friends can watch the video below. no New Folk studio designed Orphe intelligent sound and light shoes will be on sale in September 9th, Orphe's soles installed about 100 different colors of light-emitting LED, Bluetooth module and 9 axis action sensor. Through , iOS and Android, APP controls LED lighting and sound playback, and foot movement changes in light and sound. Orphe also has shoes to work with AKB48 to play AKB48 music. In addition, designer Yamamoto Kansai also brings collaborative design for Orphe. Established in 2014, no new folk studio has raised orders for 12 million yen through all chips, and now officially SOLD Orphe priced at 44800 yen.Nike is located in the headquarters of the University of Oregon, not only have geopo cheap jordan shoes for men litical relations, including Phil Knight and Jordan Brand founder Tinker Hatfield legendary designer are alumni, so every year will receive many related equipment from brand sponsorship, which is almost not Grandpa open selling players edition of commercial nature has become a lot of fans and fans' shoes the skincare, which is based on Jordan provided by the Brand of the shoes is particularly attractive, recently is exhibited a series of related products in the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center. The sports center covers an area of 30000 square feet at the same time combined with the motion performance of science and technology in one of the origin of the name is also worth knowing, this is to commemorate the student in a University of Oregon the second grade quarterback (Marcus Mariota) in 2014 to win the Heisman trophy (Heisman Trophy), and he is the first born in Hawaii and won the award of the Oregon player; from the movie can see the museum all sports equipment and interior decoration is very representative of the Oregon Ducks logo are closely related, not Pro Pro s cheap jordans for sale cene never mind, can enjoy the film before and after the estimated total spends nearly $twenty million to build Sports Center, the top surface will definitely make exploration shoe enjoyed a long time display wall (laugh). source: Sneaker Files coincides with the Reebok Question shoe 20th anniversary, and Reebok will return to 'Blue Toe', one of the classic original colors. It is well known that Allen Iverson since 1996 to enter the union at the beginning, and with Reebok Question NBA and open the legendary career, even if the subsequent personal endorsement of the Answer series, still does not change the fans for Question love, then we often engraved or brand name linked between see its shadow. This will also Reebok Question 'Blue Toe' full return, is expected to debut at the United States time 12/9, priced at $140 U.S. dollars, model: J82534. source: Sole Collector well, nothing to say ah (turn table), according to informed sources pointed out that this independence day version of Air Jordan 11 Low Michael Jordan is exclusive for the sample, so nice color is actually not cheap jordans for sale mens available... (Xiao Bian is still angry) source: @seminolesolesLight. Dazzle makes you a highlight on the runwayRed light dazzle trend! The international well-known sports brand New Balance launched M/W3190 lightweight running shoes high-profile in the spring of this year, the sole has excellent Q shells, unbelievable light run runners attention bold selection caused a sense of bright color design, the overall shape of bright color, show the unique charm in the running, simultaneously has the cool appearance and professional function. Dressed in a distinctive style of fashion for runners, professional runners can also be used as training shoes, wearing it is the only bright spot on the runway. 3190 lightweight running shoes with Lightweight Cushioning design, pay attention to light, the pursuit of speed runners tailored, particularly the more general light foam more than 30% exclusive RevLite lightweight full insole material technology, shock absorbers on the foot of the lift running process, at the same time feel excellent sense of lightness, more can feel the new comfortab cheap jordans online le running experience. The shoe body by New Balance special Fantom Fit joint technology without cars, running shoes to increase foot protection and strengthen the support of the whole body of the shoe to lightweight design can make the runner with no distraction of attention forward, especially recommended to the vitality of the young, love fashion outfit runner. hot summer sports apparel runner needs breathable thin, lightweight New Balance will not only inject in shoes design concept, combined with professional technology and material meet version of ergonomic design, for the consumer favorite amount of running to close partners, with moisture absorption, perspiration, breathable, cool feeling, soft. The characteristics of ice T and open fork short sleeved men professional jogging shorts, it can greatly improve the running comfort. Immediately experience the "flying like" extreme training, running pleasure, become the most in track on the runway of the most popular runner! New Balance 3190 lightweight running shoes for men and women each launched 4 colors, the price of NT$3 Retro jordans for sale 450 men's shoes, NT$3350 New Balance ice suggested price; short sleeved men T at NT$1380, open fork professional jogging shorts at NT$1080. first appeared in 2000, the Nike Air Presto since the launch they socks inside boots and the size of the unique design of the classic shoes become known to every family, now under Flyknit have woven material blessings, will take a new attitude to meet with us. makes people feel particularly excited about is Air Presto Flyknit Ultra will be officially entered the NIKEiD customization platform, can change the color material uppers, shoe body on both sides to provide support in support of the TPU cage is one of the key blocks of the arbitrary creation, including monochrome and gradient options, of course the personal representative text decoration. Foreign countries are expected to open this service on May 5th at a price of $200. source: Nike shoes circle today is really busy, there are a series of new work published in the D Rose 7 Adidas also released another new member of the Crazy Explosive, a new contour design is different from the Retro jordans for sale traditional basketball shoe impression, rare is only equipped with four pairs of shoe laces hole, close degree plus rope to make use of their own design to adjust the coating, construction on the upper Primeknit knitting technology, has the characteristics of comfortable fit and durable, in part by the end of energy brought together thousands of capsules, the effective absorption strength after further feedback feet, according to the data pointed out that this is the first brand of foot BOOST configuration in tube basketball shoes. Adidas let me design on the field to show explosive force, when I first test this pair of shoes can obviously feel helpful in attack, of course we are very surprised in the style, before you have never seen adidas shoes with such appearance, it is really great (dope) "the main endorsement player Andrew Wiggins said, except him, Crazy Explosive by Harrison Barnes, is expected to Serge Ibaka, Marcus Smart, Justise Winslow and other players in the game with real battle. Primeknit upper with full sole BOOST. BOOST outer layer coated with TPU, roll, cage structure, effectively prevent rollover. You can see in the bottom, as throughout the former 8 fonts Torsion stable device. Andrew Wiggins wolves team home edition 〈br adidas="" crazy="" explosive="" listed="" information 'Solar Red' first scheduled time in the United States in July 20th sold at adidas.com, August 1st in the global market; Andrew Wiggins Home PE is expected in October 1st, and the black one is October 10th, priced $150, the rest to be officially released later, the Taiwan area if there is news I will share to you again. source: adidas gf65 Foampoiste Pro users share "Gym Green", is really quite good, even recently many people share is also not greasy, but this varies with the angle of color color small it is full of look forward to be able to use the Flightposite, it should be pretty good! read the text / Read MoreOnly the news LeBron Soldoer 11 is scheduled to be published in June (shortly before the station, did not expect the reported visible) earlier on the Internet there may be real shoes 11 generation of photos, can see a continuation of the previous generation of lace design, and become the 4 devil felt. In addition, the Soldier 10 with the distribution of the sticky shoes, foot bent when some people feel discomfort, especially in the middle part, and the latest generation of currently used width thin Velcro, should be added in the hope that the devil felt the number of cases, but also avoid the folding position as for the suspension configuration and so on, further information is yet to be officially announced, together wait patiently. and LeBron James himself earlier practice when the ball has been using this new shoes, although all Black Ultra low-key but still attracted attention, with the first round of the playoffs in the opening weekend, then he may have to wear out? I believe it will be another focus of the Cavaliers' game. source: SneakersspyThe fame of the custom team Dank Customs shoes Jon Buscemi recently once again personally tailored Nike Air Tech Challenge II. As a Andre Agassi classic signature shoes, Air Tech Challenge II originally in the shoes culture enjoys an important position, the Dank Custom team with high quality black leather covering the shoe body, and the BUSCEMI 100mm logo decorative gold and heel strap design highlights the design theme, the whole shoe money shows extremely luxurious retro beauty. nike-tech-challenge-ii-buscemi-custom-04-630x419.jpg (113.1 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Tech Challenge II Buscemi customized version of 2014-12-10 upload 12:53 nike-tech-challenge-ii-buscemi-custom-01-630x419.jpg (97.09 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Tech Challenge II Buscemi customized version of 2014-12-10 12:53 upload nike-tech-challenge-ii-buscemi-custom-02-630x419.jpg (96.7 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Tech Challenge II Buscemi customized version of 2014-12-10 upload 12:53 nike-tech-challenge-ii-buscemi-custom-03-630x420.jpg (112.87 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Tech Challenge II Buscemi customized version of 2014-12-10 12:53 upload nike-tech-challenge-ii-buscemi-custom-05-630x420.jpg (90new-balance-2014-spring-summer-420srhu-1.jpg (82.05 KB, download number: 9) download 2013-11-29 12:06 upload

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