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This year New Balance brand production plan Be a beauty custom Maker adds M990OG options, inviting many fashion media participation, previously we reported from Hypebeast and highsnobiety's work, now Selectism design. White with white suede upper with split mesh tongue tag and N word Logo with a red, heel embroidered with the words "SL", abbreviated Selectism. 1417661900794_720x450.jpg (194.77 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 990 for Selectism Made in the USA 2014-12-4 11:25 upload 1417661901312_720x450.jpg (115.88 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 990 for Selectism Made in the USA 2014-12-4 11:25 upload 1417661901239_720x45 Cheap air jordans for sale 0.jpg (111.19 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 990 for Selectism Made in the USA 2014-12-4 11:25 upload 00 the Ministry of Finance announced in July 1st this year, 2831 export commodities will adopt a new export tax rebate policy. According to the new product, Wenzhou shoes, leather, bags and other leading valve, the tax rebate rate reduction reached 2 to 8 percentage points. The new deal will affect most of Wenzhou's export enterprises, exports will face a "big reshuffle". the export tax rebate adjustment surface is very large, and the influence of some enterprises is not small. The tax rebate policy adjustment is mainly to al Retro jordans for sale leviate the growing trade surplus, Wenzhou city is the most affected leather and disposable wooden products and other industries, the products were canceled the export tax rebate; followed by clothing, shoes, bags, toys and other industries, down from the original 13% to 11%. Huang Jiandong analysis, the industry has a large scale in Wenzhou City, to further adjust the tax rate adjustment is likely to promote Wenzhou's export structure of manufacturing industry, because of the decline in tax rebate rate means the export costs will increase accordingly weakens the competitive price, some weaker small businesses may face the loss of orders, lose the market ri Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping sk, may even lead to bankruptcy or mergers. export tax rebate policy adjustment, in recent years is not the first time. So, how to deal with the export enterprises in Wenzhou? Wenzhou clothing chamber of commerce foreign trade clothing branch president Cai Huantian said, now in the appreciation of the renminbi and the tax rebate policy "double" under the pressure of enterprise profit space is more crowded and more small, who are "resilience", who can be tenable in the competition, or it is may be eliminated. Take the garment industry, now the clothing enterprise to the high value-added, deep processing of the direction of development. ener cheap jordans for sale gy saving, enterprises should further enhance the added value of products and brands, the association will also actively cooperate with government departments to help enterprises in brand building process, eliminate a number of low, small, scattered enterprises, supporting enterprises bigger and stronger, to enhance competitiveness. Wenzhou customs remind Wenzhou enterprises should do to adjust the industrial structure to find a positive way to expand the profit space. One is the use of foreign trade association to improve collective pricing, to avoid dumping problem; two is qualified enterprises can shift production to Southeast Asian countries, t cheap foamposites o reduce labor costs, so as to improve the price competitiveness of products; or directly products to foreign wholesale market sales, not through any purchaser to increase profits the three is to; higher value-added or high-tech exports; four is the production by way of processing trade, as far as possible to avoid the export tax rebate rate to reduce the loss caused by. (Editor: admin)adidas and Harden James signed a paper up to 13 years of contract in October 1st officially entered into force, after the official publicity campaign kicked off. Harden usher in a number of shoes in the home, there are many models for the first time exposure, causing conside cheap jordans online rable concern. Harden will be wearing Boost Crazylight 2015 in the new season before the debut of the personal shoe. Crazylight boost 2015 using incremental boost and Primeknit technology as the core, the shock absorbers, coating and comfortable adjusted to a consistent level. In the shoes of the sea world, colorful colors have appeared in the shoes. However, player version of the adidas for harden to return to the most simple, the most simple approach, it actually brings new ideas. In addition, weaving, build the vamp brings our imagination, even if there is no colorful color mixing style, but only use a solid color will be technical texture reveal without cheap jordan shoes for men involuntary discharge of urine, will also be the shoes of the gear outline very carefully. Source: nicekicksReebok Although good governance, but has recently launched a range of shoes, it is too rosy, as if in front of this pair of shoes a tumor general model for ATV 19+, is Reebok and Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC) cooperation models, known as "the first all-terrain sports shoes", not only with reference to the all-terrain SUV styling, but also taking into account the muddy road, snow, grassland and desert conditions, known as long as they put on travels world are not afraid - but, look too weird pro. Other parts of the shoes have retained the ge Retro jordans for sale neral appearance of shoes, round holes tongue, ankle cushioning system and shoes are normal, but this shoe is for practicality rather than match fashion modeling, but then put on fine bone really seem odd, when actually listed, you will not be considered? & nbsp;This was born in the 70s classic retro running shoes with streamlined design style, minimalist contour and classic waffle sole shoes by many pet, Nike this time for the launch of a new design. The new shoes are still using the mixed material of nylon and suede crafted, with black and grey mosaic decoration, equipped with rubber outsole presented last. nike-waffle-racer-white-gum-2.jpg (152.82 KB, cheap jordans for sale mens download number: 3) download Nike Waffle Racer'17 White Gum 2017-2-22 08:52 upload nike-waffle-racer-white-gum-3.jpg (262.76 KB, download number: 5) download Nike Waffle Racer'17 White Gum 2017-2-22 08:52 upload nike-waffle-racer-white-gum-1.jpg (169.07 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Waffle Racer'17 White Gum 2017-2-22 08:52 upload nike-waffle-racer-white-gum-4.jpg (139.16 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Waffle Racer'17 White Gum 2017-2-22 08:52 Nike Racer 1700 Waffle upload. middle is "a thin leather shoes" founder and chairman Luo Shuimu CFP images from the streets of Taiwan, a small shoe stalls, to the annual turnover of Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping more than 3 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 680 million yuan) of the "leading enterprises," Luo Mizuki entrepreneurial experience has been regarded as a "miracle". Start on the road there are hardships and dangers, put the Luo Mizuki customer trust, and thus can accidentally turn things around". "rub it 3 times and shine for 3 days," One morning in 50s on the century, is to "peak", two "Yanping North Road East cloud Pavilion restaurant downstairs Taipei city has formed a" dragon "in the" Financial Street "to work, are queuing up for big name" slim "shoe, though" a slim "wipe the price of a pair of shoes than to eat a meal is also expensive. In the age when many people could not afford to wear leather shoes, "shoeshine" was the "five star" service at the top of Pyramid". in the front of the queue "," a slim agile skill "with a brush and wipe the pig, quickly to grease shoes guests, polishing, polishing, the same procedures are not sloppy to adhere to the 3 round, to be accomplished. "a thin near Aberdeen shoeshine stand, shoeshine shoe stalls everywhere, but to find the" rub 3 times, 3 days "shoe master, in addition to" a thin man ", it is" no semicolon "," shoe for a thin "slogan spread like wildfire. , the shoeshine teacher, is now one of the leading brands in the footwear industry in Taiwan, the founder and chairman of a thin leather shoe, Luo Shuimu. This year, 73 years old, he smiled and recalled: "when I was young, I grew thin, weighing less than 50 kilograms, the neighborhood called me" ah thin ", both cordial and appropriate." return of the prodigal son. don't see a thin Luo Mizuki year appearance, as a teenager he at the table is very well versed in posture, called "". However, for gambling is not less than the dealer a superb, before the age of 23, was the casino Luo Mizuki after two times: the first debt due to change radically from his hometown in Yilan, "run away" to Taipei; second, the easy to operate together "noodles stalls" lost everything. Luo Mizuki pawned the end of hills and rivers, only a piece of property - - Watch, in exchange for a little money, buy a shoe tool, started a shoe career. Luo Shuimu said: "at that time to fill the stomach."." Relying on this not too much "gold content" of the technology, he actually played a piece of heaven and earth. "I definitely wouldn't cut a process for the guests and for the sake of time." Luo Mizuki said proudly, "the guest's eyes, even can deceive temporarily, guests will find." From the age of 10 drop out of him, the brain has a vague "brand concept" - "a thin son" signs, not stained with a little dust. is not a "major", not only water.)

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