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Despite having the highest literacy rate of any country in Latin America, Argentine people virtually stopped reading during the military dictatorship (1976-1983) when writers, journalists and intellectuals were kidnapped, tortured and killed.

Award-winning-author Mempo Giardinelli returned to his country after living in exile and invited grandmothers (who remembered the pleasure of reading) to introduce books to children. Their work has been so successful that it has been incorporated into the national school curriculum and copied by countries all over Latin America. In Grandmother Power, the Storytelling Grandmothers tell what itís like to do their important work, and what their lives are like.

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THe Library at the FoundationFoundation Website: The Mempo Giardinelli Foundation’s website includes background about the foundation, its history and philosophy, and its programs.


Behind the Scenes: These images, which are not in the book, include, scenery, interpreters, people and events that captured Paola’s attention while working in Lujan, Argentina.

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