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The 43 members of the Kokkabok Group of Housewives Spinning Local Cotton, all grandmothers, are determined to stop the gold mining that has poisoned the air, water and earth, and made people sick on the other side of the mountain where they live in Northeastern Thailand.

Committed to helping neighboring weavers, they designate a portion of their own income to them, then go to Bangkok to express their concerns to national officials. Local weaver grandmothers tell the whole story in GRANDMOTHER POWER.

News About Grandmothers in Thailand

Updates about the grandmother groups in Grandmother Power

Behind the Scenes:

See a sampling of images that are not in the book, including husbands and grandchildren, interpreters, local people and scenery that caught Paola’s attention while she was interviewing and photographing Kokkabok’s weaving grandmothers.

Behind the Scenes Thailand


In the News:

There is a fine essay about the Kokkabok group on the TAMMACHAT website.

More Reading: TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles, the Canadian social enterprise that introduced Paola to the Kokkabok weavers, has produced an informative series of Blurb books about their Asian partners. Weaving Sustainable Communities describes village groups in Thailand and Laos that weave organic cotton.

TAMMACHAT also has posted some nice black-and-white photographs of the Kokkabok grandmothers on Flickr.

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